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The Gateway Clipper Fleet is always a wonderful atmosphere to photograph. It’s a truly romantic venue for wedding photos, and it provides the couple with a once in a lifetime wedding day. We had our bridal party stroll the walkways by the river in Pittsburgh with the beautiful skies overhead. The ceremony ended on a romantic, starry night. You will have a fun-filled day just like our couple experienced when you have your wedding at The Gateway Clipper Fleet in Pittsburgh, PA. I know they will always remember their special day with the fun and beautiful photos that we were able to capture for our beautiful wedding couple. See the bridal party casually walk the concourse in red, white, blue, and black. They are a wonderful group. This casual walk before the ceremony at the Gateway Clipper Fleet is truly a wonderful wedding photo, and we were happy to capture this image for our bridal couple.


You can tell the day is off to a great start. The couple is happy and in love. They are smiling and everyone’s thrilled to be in Pittsburgh for their important wedding. Now, it’s time for the ceremony. Here is a beautiful photograph we preserved of the bridal party and the couple saying their vows. It’s a beautiful daytime wedding ceremony on The Gateway Clipper with a gorgeous view of the city in the background. Who wouldn’t want to have a wedding photo like this as one of their many memories?  At Lokmer Photography Inc. we strive to capture award-winning photographs our couples will remember on their special day with beautiful visuals they will cherish forever.


The bride was a vision in white and happy smiles. Here is a lovely photo of her after the ceremony. This full-length portrait is one that she can look back on with pride and joy. I think we captured her feelings of happiness perfectly in this wedding photo. Doesn’t she look beautiful?


No ceremony would be complete without cutting the cake. The groom showcases his great sense of humor and inferior cake cutting skills. Sorry, but it’s true. Although the piece of cake he cut may not be as beautiful as the cake itself, his willingness to laugh about it is evident. It’s a great candid moment for the couple that we were able to preserve. Now, if she’ll only do the cake cutting from here on out, we think the marriage will last forever.  (Just kidding)


This final image is a true show-stopper. It shows the wedding couple under the stars on The Gateway Clipper as the festivities wind down. This wedding photo demonstrates their love for each other and a truly successful wedding day, one we were proud to be a part of.

My lifetime career and passion is photography and hopefully it shows in our results. You’ll love our classic wedding photos and have a great reminder of your very important day. For more information, please view our website at

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